What is EvolveX?

EvolveX is the ultimate hands-free platform, taking body contouring to the next level by combining three transformative treatment technologies into one versatile, non-invasive, innovative body remodeling device. EvolveX can be used to remodel skin, reduce fat, sculpt the abdomen, lift the buttocks, and tone trouble areas. 

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EvolveX provides the following innovative treatments to sculpt and contour the physique:

At Modern Women’s Health, we proudly provide EvolveX to allow our patients to enjoy the benefits of Evolve Transform, Evolve Tone, Evolve Trim, and Evolve Tite at the same time. We know your time is valuable, and we want to provide the very best, most effective treatments as efficiently as possible. Dr. Jukes aims to make it easy as possible for patients to combine treatments in the same session and to get the best value for their time.

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What are the benefits of EvolveX?

EvolveX brings all of the highly-advanced Evolve technologies into one system, which is fully equipped to provide each treatment, but also combines treatments to produce more transformative results.

Further benefits include the following:

  • Skin firming, tightening, and remodeling
  • Fat reduction
  • Muscle toning
  • Customizable and repeatable combination treatment plans 
  • Nonsurgical
  • Zero downtime 
  • Hands-free, programmable design which allows for social distancing 
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Am I a candidate for EvolveX treatments?

EvolveX is highly customizable and can be ideal for many different body types. However, typically the best candidates for EvolveX in Austin at Modern Women's Health are patients who would like to tone, tighten and smooth their physique, and are already maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and frequent exercise. Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Have any skin type or tone
  • Are close to their ideal weight (within 10-20 pounds).
  • Are generally healthy
  • Are not pregnant
  • Do not have metal inside their body
  • Are not suffering from a hernia
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Before & After

What happens during the procedure?

During your EvolveX treatments, various pads will be placed on the treatment area or areas of your body. Depending on which treatment or treatments you are having, you will experience muscle tightening and warmth from the radiofrequency energy.

Treatment sessions are performed once a week for six sessions, although more can be done if needed to meet your aesthetic needs. 

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While you may see immediate fat and cellulite improvements after the first treatment, the more dramatic results occur over time as the destroyed fat cells are swept away naturally by the body, the collagen tightens, restructures, and smooths the skin, and the muscles grow and tighten. 

Results are long-lasting and natural-looking, providing a tighter, smoother, more sculpted, and toned physique.


There is no recovery or downtime associated with the quick, painless EvolveX treatments. You will experience redness and warmth in the treated area, but this subsides after a few hours. Do keep the treated area protected from the sun for one week following treatment, but feel free to get right back to your life and activities as you usually would. 

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Why choose Modern Women’s Health?

These days, in order to achieve their health and fitness goals, women often find themselves going to multiple doctors or scheduling a number of different types of treatments. At Modern Women’s Health, we provide our patients with a modern, comfortable practice where they are supplied with everything they need for their health, wellness and aesthetic goals in one place. We offer the latest, most advanced technology to help our patients achieve their goals.  Founded by board-certified gynecologist Dr. Lisa Jukes, and with a team of female providers for female needs, we develop warm, professional relationships with our clients and consider it an honor to work with you. If you would like to learn more about EvolveX in Austin, please book your consultation with us today.

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