What is AccuTite?

AccuTite uses radiofrequency-assisted liposuction technology to melt fat and tighten the skin for an improved, more youthful appearance. It has been developed to treat areas that have previously been very difficult to address. AccuTite offers a non-surgical alternative to a facelift or more invasive procedures, which means less discomfort and recovery time.

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Commonly Treated Areas with AccuTite

  • Neck
  • Elbows
  • Knees 
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Jowls
  • Bra rolls
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How Does AccuTite Work?

AccuTite works by using a process called radiofrequency-assisted liposuction during which one part of the handheld device melts fat underneath the skin and also causes the soft tissue to contract and tighten, while another part of the handheld device tightens the skin above by kick-starting brand-new collagen production. 

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What to Expect During an AccuTite Treatment

Before treatment, we will use local anesthesia to help keep you comfortable during the procedure. Once you’re properly numbed, a needle will be used to create entry points for the AccuTite handheld device, which is so small that it can fit into the palm of the hand. The AccuTite device has both an internal and an external probe that works at the same time below and above the skin to melt fat and tighten the skin. Typical AccuTite treatment times vary per person and according to the size of the area. This is an in-office procedure.

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Recovery and Results

Downtime with AccuTite is typically 2-3 days. Depending on the areas you had treated, you will likely need to wear a compression garment for 12 hours a day during recovery. Most patients wear it to sleep in.

You can also expect some bruising, but there is no scarring with AccuTite. We recommend avoiding exercise and sports for one week following your procedure.  

Early results will be noticeable within the first month after treatment, with final results at three months. Your new collagen will continue to progress for up to one year after treatment.


Is AccuTite safe?

Is AccuTite permanent?

Can AccuTite address signs of age on the hands?

Is AccuTite safe?

Yes. As long as AccuTite is being performed by a licensed medical professional with experience, it is very safe. Not only is AccuTite FDA-approved; the technology also features built-in safeguards to monitor the temperature levels. If the treatment becomes too hot, there is a cut-off feature that keeps the skin from being burned.

Is AccuTite permanent?

Every patient’s results will be different, but in general, AccuTite results will last about 5-10 years. These results may last even longer for those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Can AccuTite address signs of age on the hands?

Yes. AccuTite can be used on the backs of the hands to rejuvenate their appearance, hiding visible tendons, veins, and bones.

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AccuTite Treatments at Modern Women’s Health

At Modern Women’s Health, we’re more than just a place where you get your annual well exam. We take a 360-degree approach to our patients’ health, and we want them to look as good as they feel all the way from adolescence through menopause. Many women find themselves going to multiple doctors and providers to deal with different aspects of their health, wellness, and aesthetic needs — but at Modern Women’s Health, we offer comprehensive services to address each of these all under one roof. We provide a sophisticated, modern one-stop-shop for women, with female providers for female needs. If you’re in the Bee Cave and Westlake, TX area and you’re interested in AccuTite, please book a consultation with us today.

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