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Common Side Effects Of Labiaplasty

After labiaplasty, it is common to experience physical discomfort in the treated area. You may experience pain, swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the labia. This discomfort can last for several days or even weeks after the procedure.

Dr. Jukes may prescribe pain medication or recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to manage the physical discomfort. You may also be advised to apply ice packs to the treated area to reduce swelling.

Other side effects include the following:


Labiaplasty involves making incisions in the labia to remove excess tissue. As with any surgery, scarring is a common side effect. While the scars may fade over time, they may still be visible.
Dr. Jukes may use dissolvable stitches or recommend scar creams or ointments to minimize scarring. Following her aftercare instructions ensures proper healing and reduces scarring.

Changes in Sensation

Labiaplasty can also cause changes in sensation in the treated area. You may experience numbness, tingling, or hypersensitivity in the labia. These changes in sensation are usually temporary and should resolve on their own over time.
To manage changes in sensation, Dr. Jukes may recommend gentle massage or desensitization exercises. It's important to avoid sexual activity and other activities that may irritate the treated area until you have fully healed.

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Preventing Side Effects of Labiaplasty

If you are considering labiaplasty, it is important to understand the potential side effects and take steps to prevent them. Here are some tips to help you minimize the risk of complications:

Choosing a Qualified Surgeon

Choosing a qualified surgeon is crucial in preventing side effects of labiaplasty. Dr. Jukes, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in genital surgery, is a great option to consider. With years of experience, Dr. Jukes is highly qualified and skilled in performing labiaplasty. She has a proven track record of successful surgeries and is happy to share before-and-after photos of her previous patients. Dr. Jukes and her staff prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, taking the time to answer any questions. When it comes to labiaplasty, choosing a qualified surgeon like Dr. Jukes can make all the difference.

Following Post-Operative Care Instructions

Following Dr. Jukes’s post-operative care instructions is crucial for preventing side effects of labiaplasty. These instructions may include the following:

  • Taking prescribed medication to manage pain and prevent infection
  • Keeping the surgical area clean and dryAvoiding sexual activity, tampon use, and strenuous
  • exercise for several weeks
  • Wearing loose, comfortable clothing and avoiding tight underwear
  • Using ice packs to reduce swelling and discomfort

It is also essential to attend all of your follow-up appointments with Dr. Juke to ensure that you are healing correctly and to address any concerns or complications that may arise. By taking these steps, you can help prevent side effects of labiaplasty and achieve the best possible results from your surgery.

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Ensure A Safe Experience With Dr. Jukes

When it comes to labiaplasty, safety should be your top priority. Choosing the right surgeon can make all the difference in ensuring a safe and successful procedure. Dr. Jukes is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing labiaplasty surgeries. With her expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that you're in good hands.

In addition to his expertise and personalized approach, Dr. Jukes also prioritizes patient safety. She uses the latest techniques and technology to minimize the risk of complications and ensure a smooth recovery. She also provides detailed pre and post-operative instructions to help you prepare for surgery and recover quickly and comfortably.

If you're considering labiaplasty, choosing Dr. Jukes is an intelligent choice. With her expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to patient safety, you can feel confident that you're in good hands. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Jukes and learn more about how she can help you achieve your goals.

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