What are Essure Coils?

Essure coils are implantable birth control devices that work by permanently blocking the fallopian tubes so that sperm cannot enter. In 2019, Essure coils were taken off the market in the U.S., and are no longer placed for contraception. Dr. Jukes performs laparoscopic Essure coil removal for those who would like to have theirs removed due to physical issues or other concerns. 

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What to Expect During the Procedure

Essure coil removal can be done in about 45 minutes, but requires general anesthesia. 

When the Essure coils were originally placed, they were inserted through the vagina and cervix up to the fallopian tubes, where they were positioned and the body automatically began creating a tissue barrier around them to stop sperm from being able to get through. To remove the coils, Dr. Jukes will make small incisions in the lower abdomen so that she can create a small hole within each of the fallopian tubes. This will allow her to remove the Essure coils. 

Alternatively, most patients opt to have the fallopian tubes removed and then the remainder of the coil is gently removed from the cornual horns of the uterus. Also, some patients prefer removal of the uterus (keeping the ovaries to avoid menopause), especially if they are having abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain. This can also be done minimally invasively via the da Vinci laparoscopic approach and patients generally go home the same day.

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Recovery and Results

Cramps commonly follow an Essure coil removal procedure. This lasts for a few days and feels much like period cramps. Incisions will heal in approximately one week, and at two weeks you should be completely recovered. 

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Why Choose Modern Women’s Health?

At Modern Women’s Health, we are passionate about progression, always evolving through science and research. Our founder, Dr. Lisa Jukes, is a board-certified gynecologist who has established one of the top gynecology and women’s practices in Texas, providing patient-centric medical treatment in a compassionate, confidential, and comfortable atmosphere. We are proud to have female providers for female needs, and we take a specialized 360-degree approach to patient wellness and care, covering every aspect of your health. If you’re interested in having your Essure coils removed, please contact us to book a consultation.

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