Laparoscopic Essure Removal

Essure® coils are implantable birth control devices that work by permanently blocking the fallopian tubes. As of 2019, Essure coils have been removed from the market and are no longer placed for sterilization.

Dr. Jukes performs laparoscopic Essure coil removal for women who would like these devices taken out. 

When the Essure coils were placed, they were inserted through the vagina and cervix to reach the fallopian tubes. Once in the correct position, the body automatically began creating a tissue barrier around the coils — a process that eventually prevented sperm from reaching the eggs, thus resulting in sterilization. 

Essure coil removal can be done in about 45 minutes and needs to be performed with the patient under general anesthesia and via da Vinci-assisted laparoscopy.

Dr. Jukes will create small incisions in the lower abdomen, and then she will make a small opening within each of the fallopian tubes. This allows her access to remove the Essure coils. 

Most often, patients will choose to have their tubes removed with the coils. Sometimes patients prefer removal of the uterus and tubes.  All of these can be done minimally invasively.

After Essure coil removal with or without fallopian tube removal, you will most likely have some cramping for a few days, similar to period cramps. Within a week your incisions will heal, and at two weeks you’ll be completely recovered. 

Whether or not you want to have children following your Essure coil removal, please speak with Dr. Jukes about your options. 

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What are the options for laparoscopic female sterilization?

Can I get pregnant after removing Essure coils?

What are the options for laparoscopic female sterilization?

Laparoscopic tubal ligation or removal of fallopian are the two options for laparoscopic female sterilization.

Can I get pregnant after removing Essure coils?

Yes, but it may be difficult. If you do want to become pregnant, Essure reversal may be an option for you; however, it might still be very difficult to get pregnant. If you don’t want to become pregnant, Dr. Jukes will talk to you about other contraceptive options.

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