Evolve: Customizable Body Treatments

Evolve works to target deep tissues in order to contour the body, firm the skin, and strengthen the muscles. This non-invasive, hands-free procedure is highly customizable and has been developed to improve a wide range of body types, and it is able to treat multiple areas of the body in one single session. 

Here at Modern Women’s Health, we are uniquely positioned to offer Evolve Tone at the same time as Evolve Trim or Tite! We recognize how valuable your time is, and we want to be able to get you looking your best as quickly as possible. We can also perform EVOKE facial/neck treatments at the same time. Dr. Jukes has always wanted to make it as easy as possible for patients to combine treatments in the same session and to get the best value for their time.

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What is Evolve Tone?

Evolve Tone is an advanced, hands-free muscle toning treatment designed to build muscle strength and refine the appearance of the muscles in the abdomen and buttocks. Using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to induce involuntary muscle contractions, Evolve Tone can achieve the toned and refined look you want — without the need for hours at a gym. It’s a quick and easy alternative to surgical procedures for achieving sculpted muscles, maximizing patient results, and providing the highest quality of aesthetic treatments available.

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Is Evolve Tone Right for You?

Evolve Tone is an excellent option for individuals who are looking for a non-invasive treatment to tone muscles and address areas that require definition. While this treatment works for a wide variety of different body types, the best candidates are those who already lead a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and frequent exercise. 

We do not recommend Evolve Tone for those who are pregnant, who have a hernia, or who have metal within their body. If you’re in the Bee Cave and Westlake, TX area and you’re interested in Evolve Tone but you’re not totally sure if it’s right for you, we can help. Book a consultation with us and we will determine if Evolve Tone would meet your aesthetic goals. 

Before & After

Check out these results from Evolve Tone. This patient wanted to tone and add definition to her abdomen. These are her results after six sessions, and she will continue to see improvement during the next six weeks.


How many Evolve Tone sessions are recommended?

How safe is Evolve Tone?

Is there any downtime with Evolve Tone?

How many Evolve Tone sessions are recommended?

We will recommend the optimal number of Evolve Tone sessions for you based on your personal aesthetic goals. This will be determined during your consultation.

How safe is Evolve Tone?

Evolve Tone stimulates muscle contractions to target specific muscle groups. It is a safe and effective procedure that can be done during your lunch break.

Is there any downtime with Evolve Tone?

No. Patients can go back to their normal day right after treatment. However, you may feel a bit sore, as though you’ve had a workout.

Evolution in Body Toning: The Evolve Tone Treatment

You will lie down on a medical chair or table, and we will apply a gel to your skin. The applicator pads (up to four per session) will then be strapped to the areas to be treated. These applicator pads emit direct electrical muscle stimulation that will induce muscle spasms (contractions) to refine the muscles in the area. Evolve Tone has been developed with safety as the highest priority, with a color-coordinated temperature guide to keep patients safe during treatment. Most patients find Evolve Tone treatments very tolerable. You will feel your muscles contract similar to what you would experience during a workout, so after the procedure, you’ll feel as though you’ve done a lot of sit-ups. Your treatment time can be adjusted progressively to your comfort level, but the average is about 20 minutes.

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Evolve Tone

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Evolve Tone at Modern Women’s Health

Many women find themselves going to multiple doctors to deal with different aspects of their health or wellness. At Modern Women’s Health, our goal is to provide our patients with a modern, comfortable practice where they will find everything they need for their health, wellness, and beauty under one roof. We offer the latest in technology and developments in order to offer our patients the most modern and effective treatments available within the industry. Founded by board-certified gynecologist Dr. Lisa Jukes and with a team of female providers for female needs, we are much more than just a place where you get your annual well exam. If you’re in the Bee Cave and Westlake, TX area and you’re interested in Evolve Tone for muscle definition and strength, book your consultation with us today.

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