Mind-Body Connection

Noggin, Egg, Noodle, Melon … whatever you call your head, it houses your brain – the “crown jewel” of the human body.

We know there is a very strong mind-body connection. Many things that are good for the heart and body are also very good for the brain. Here is a list of practices that can keep your brain in tip tops shape. Engaging your brain by learning new things has been shown to be beneficial. Learn a new activity, like dancing or learning a new language or take on a new hobby, like gardening or cooking.

Alcohol can act differently in the body as we age. Limiting alcohol is beneficial to the brain and can decrease the risk of falling or injury.

That heart-healthy diet we hear so much about … turns out it is good for your brain, too! Include fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, skinless chicken, fish and low-fat dairy in your daily diet.

Being active – walking, jogging, gardening, tennis, or even playing with your children or grandchildren are all great ways to be active. 30 minutes of getting your heart rate up on most days is recommended for keeping that brain healthy.

Sleep … ah, sweet sleep. 7-8 hours per night are required for optimal brain health.
Know your blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is known to be harmful to the brain and can increase the risk of stroke.

Maintaining or improving muscle strength and balance. This can reduce the risk of falls, as well. Yoga, Pilates, and weights are good ways to improve strength and balance.

Be mindful of your medications, especially if you see multiple healthcare providers. Make sure your provider knows ALL of the medications you take, even the over-the-counter medications.

Stay connected with friends and family! Social activities can decrease risks to the brain. Have friends over for a healthy dinner and games.

Hormone therapy and optimization can be protective to the brain.

Some supplements, such as Omega 3’s, have been shown to be beneficial to the brain.

Brain health is essential for living a long and fruitful life. When your brain is healthy, you’re better able to pay attention, solve problems, communicate, and much more.

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