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da Vinci

da Vinci: Improving Surgical Outcomes for Decades 

Dr. Lisa Jukes is a known leader in performing da Vinci Surgeries, is a national proctor for da Vinci and has completed more than 1,800 da Vinci procedures! The da Vinci Surgical System is the recommended surgical approach to complicated female surgeries like fibroid tumors, endometriosis, heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic prolapse, and hysterectomy. 

The da Vinci robotic-assisted minimally-invasive surgical system allows surgeons to perform complex surgical procedures through a few small incisions using high-definition 3D vision and tiny instruments that rotate more than the human wrist. Your doctor controls the da Vinci System which translates her hand movements into smaller, more precise movements inside your body. The da Vinci Surgical System has been used successfully worldwide in approximately two million surgical procedures to date. 

This state-of-the-art system helps surgeons perform complicated surgeries through very small incisions rather than through large abdominal incisions that were required in the past. 
The potential benefits include:

  • Significantly less pain
  • Less blood loss and need for transfusions
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less scarring
  • A shorter hospital stay
  • A shorter recovery time
  • Quicker return to most normal activities

If you are considering having a gynecological surgery, please contact us. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us at (512) 301-6767 or click the link below.


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